Walton Lodge Ltd offer residential care for young adults with learning disabilities, with a unique “one stop” support service to meet the needs of every individual, even those with the most complex of needs. 


We work alongside Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Community Nurses as well as each individual's social worker, and of course family members/friends where appropriate, in order to maximise opportunities for the people that we support.


We also enlist the services of our own psychiatrist who also offers us pet therapy services.


All the people that we support have an individualised plan of support which may include accessing the sensory room, arts and crafts or supporting our newly formed Walton Lodge Football team.


We encourage celebrations throughout the year whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Easter or other festivals meeting the need of any cultural requirements that the individual may have.


Our services go beyond those of the more traditional residential esatblishments as we also offer a “semi independant” facility for clients who have a higher level of independence. These individuals for example are assited with completing their own shopping lists, working within a self managed weekly budget for their own food and drink, in order to promote independence skills and self esteem through independence.


We are further developing this area to support a “step down” or “step up” approach to holistic support to enable individuals to acquire necessary skills in order to support them with alternative housing options in the future should this be appropriate.

Coming Soon.


In response to the Valuing People agenda and the recognition that people with learning disabilities have the right to their own tenancy with support, we are developing supported living services in the Doncaster area. This will be in addition to the support that we offer at Walton Lodge.

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