There are several different ways in which a service users' care and accomodation can be funded:


1. By the Local Authority


This is where the Local Authority or Council, agrees to provide an amount that will fund a person’s support, whether this be a residential placement or as part of a supported living package.


An assessment is carried out ro identify the person’s needs, and an amount is decided upon.


2. By Joint funding between the Local Authority and the NHS


This is where an individual has a Continuing Health Care(CHC) assessment and funding will be split between the local authority and the NHS.


A joint assessments of the person’s needs and health care needs is undertaken, and the required funding package is agreed upon. The Local Authority part of the funding covers both accommodation and support, and the NHS covers the continuing health care needs.


3. NHS Funding


In some cases the NHS will fully fund a person’s support package.


Once again this is based upon an assessment of the person’s needs and will cover both accommodation and support.


4. Individual/Personal Budget


Sometimes the Local Authority will allocate an amount of money towards a person’s support needs subsequent to an assessment of the person’s needs and means. The care user will need to agree a support plan to show how and where the money will be spent. Either the care user or Local Authority can choose the services.


5. Direct Payments


This is where the care user can select the services required from their preferred service, from an amount provided by the Local Authority. This provides the maximum flexibility of support packages but means that the care user has to manage the money and arrangements.


Some charges will include a staffing element, based on the hours of support required, and in some instances the staff support may be shared with other individuals, which means that the costs are also shared.

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